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Welcome to the That's a Novel Idea installment of the Author Tool Series by Emily Hummer! Use the pages in this journal to organize all of your story ideas in one place. When you're in the middle of a project and simply cannot start another but an idea you don't want to forget pops into your head, jot it down in the easy-to-use "AT A GLANCE" form. Lined note pages follow each form for when you want to expand on your great ideas.

The creator of the Author Tool Series donates 10% of sales profits for the benefit of the Money Tree Fund.

That's a Novel Idea

  • Please order your copy from this site if you'd like a larger donation to be made to the charity. Keep in mind, this method of purchase can result in longer shipping times. Read shipping information below for further explanation.

    No returns. Exchange can be made within 5 days of confirmed delivery if product is recieved damaged. Please read product description and content warning before purchasing.

    As of now, this book can only be shipped within the continental United States from this site. If you wish to ship to a different location, please place your order with Amazon to recieve a physical copy or e-book. Shipping time when ordering from this site can take longer than if ordered from Amazon, however, your donation to the assigned charity is larger as Amazon takes a portion of your purchase when you buy from them. Thank you for understanding. 

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