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In a world where survival meets the desire to reunite with family, Avii Milano takes a journey alongside her first love and her owner's protégé  as she tries to escape captivity. Her freedom seems to be only a pulled trigger away, although she quickly learns that a life outside of slavery will cost more than one dead body.


Heavy Traffic is a thrilling fiction that takes readers on an adventure while tackling difficult subjects surrounding human trafficking. With every purchase, 10% of profits will be donated to a charity that aids in the fight against human trafficking.

Heavy Traffic

  • It is recommended for readers to be age 18 or older as the themes and scenes throughout Heavy Traffic depict graphic content including sexual violence, violence, and drug use.

  • Heavy Traffic is the first book of the Heavy Traffic Series. Please order your copy from this site if you'd like a larger donation to be made to the charity. Keep in mind, this method of purchase can result in longer shipping times. Read shipping information below for further explanation.

    No returns. Exchange can be made within 5 days of confirmed delivery if product is recieved damaged. Please read product description and content warning before purchasing.

    As of now, Heavy Traffic can only be shipped within the continental United States from this site. If you wish to ship to a different location, please place your order with Amazon to recieve a physical copy or e-book. Shipping time when ordering from this site can take longer than if ordered from Amazon, however, your donation to the assigned charity is larger as Amazon takes a portion of your purchase when you buy from them. Thank you for understanding. 

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