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planting books into the hands of all

Money Tree Fund

MTF has a list of projects that will be tackled one at a time to achieve their mission.  Once a goal has been funded, a new one will be announced and donors will be able to contribute to the project. This fundraising structure allows for transparency in where money is spent and how donations are making a difference. Follow Hummer on social media and fill out the subscriber form here to be notified when goals have been reached and a new one has begun. Read below to see our past projects and how your donation will fund our next goal!

Ready for School

Our Current Goal

MTF wants to start with getting books in the hands of children by creating vouchers for the Scholastic Book Fair for underprivileged students. As their first fundraising project, they are starting local to Hummer's hometown in Volusia County, Florida, with hopes to expand the mission to the rest of the state and country in the future!

Our Story

The Money Tree Fund's name was inspired by Hummer's grandparents. Every weekend when Emily visited them, a glass bowl would be filled with a few dollar bills and coins. Her grandfather insisted he had harvested the money from the tree in the backyard.

After the devastating loss of her grandparents, Hummer experienced some financial hardships throughout life, which sometimes made it difficult to have access to physical reading material and positive book experiences. Hummer wants to ensure that every person has equal opportunity to pursue their reading endeavors and enjoy books despite their financial status.

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